All work to be done before the final printing!

Our in-house prepress department works with the latest technology and software. We receive your digital print material and use it when we produce printing plates through our CTP system (Computer To Plate). You will have direct contact with our prepress operators as soon as a new job is started. Before we start a print run, proofs will be sent to you for approval.

Here you will find technical information and downloadable files to guide you to create and send digital printing material to us. Use our recommendations and setting files for optimal quality. Digital technology is moving quickly so please go here regularly for any possible updates.

Does your print contain any barcode? If yes, plaese read more about barcodes at the link above. It’s important to produce barcodes correct for them to work properly.

Download our checklist for handling of digital documents.
(PDF) Updated 2014-12-08

ICC Profil
ICC-profile (ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc) for our standard carton and paper grades. Please use this ICC-profile when converting images to CMYK. 
(ZIP-file to download) Latest update 29-03-2011

Job Options InDesignJoboption-file for InDesign. Please use this setting when creating PDF-files. 
(ZIP-file to download) Latest update 12-04-2011